For the Spontaneous Traveler

I often forget how long I’ve lived overseas and I become complacent with the opportunities around me. Part of my new years resolution is to be more spontaneous with traveling, and for those of you who have seen my Instagram posts for the last two years may wonder how that’s even possible. Well, I spend many weekends binge watching Game of Thrones or House of Cards, that six months have gone by since I moved here and there is so much more I could be doing! Everyone needs those Saturdays once in awhile, but I prefer to stay busy.

Yesterday started off as a regular Saturday. Woke up around 9:00am, had my coffee, and lazed around for a good part of the morning. Unfortunately, pneumonia and bronchitis got the best of me the last three weeks so I haven’t been able to kick-start this resolution and do anything exciting. I planned on spending my weekend meal-prepping and moving my bedroom/bathroom essentials to the main floor of my house as I get ready for knee surgery tomorrow. Stairs will be my enemy for the next few weeks so the only thing that will occupy my second floor will be the mystery rodents who I hear in my floorboards at night. Farmhouse living at its finest! I’m praying for a speedy recovery, but I’m not quite sure the next time I’ll be able to travel as recklessly as I usually do. With this in mind, I knew I needed to get out!

I made a few phone calls and within 20 minutes, everyone was onboard! With limited hours of daylight left, we needed to pick somewhere relatively close. My first pick was Heidelberg (about an hour drive), but a few people had already gone so it was crossed off the list. Next pick was Trier- the oldest city in Germany filled with Roman baths and ruins. Seems like an obvious pick, but with so much to see we decided we’d need an entire day (at least). Our final pick was Saarbrücken, a city located on the French border less than 30 minutes away. I knew France was close, but didn’t realize THAT close. We filled up the car and were off!

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We spent the afternoon shopping and wandering the streets enjoying the warmest day we’ve had in awhile. As the sun began to set, the boys decided to grab a beer and us girls spent some more time walking along the river. It wasn’t the cleanest or most scenic walk- graffiti under the bridges and clouds of smoke in the air- but a sunset over the water is always nice and we weren’t going to turn it down.



We caught up with boys for a drink and switched up locations for dinner at a local brewery. It was a hipster corner bar with an awesome vibe, but we unfortunately fell victim to the “lets put the Americans in the back” curse, so they brought us up the stairs, around the corner, down the hall into a completely empty room…despite all the empty tables we passed along the way. Nonetheless, the food was delicious and the company was great! We spent a few hours eating and drinking before hitting the road for the drive back home.

My next big trip isn’t scheduled until the end of March, so until then I’ll be rehabbing my knee to make sure I can fill my weekends with more spontaneous trips like these. Here’s to many more!


It has officially been three months since I moved to Germany (ahem, *Deutschland) and I finally decided to start a blog! I attempted in the past during my travels through Asia, but I always found myself resorting to Netflix and/or sleep (priorities, amirite?). Now that I’ve signed on for a few more years abroad,  I figured now is as good as ever!

One thing I know about myself is I am not good with change; this adjustment has been much more difficult than my first move overseas. I still can’t seem to shake the urge to go back to Korea, order my favorite chicken, and go to the hipster coffee shop outside my apartment (this place gives Seattle or SanFran a run for it’s money). However, one more thing I know is I learn the most about myself when I’m out of my comfort zone. Moving to Korea two years ago was the most uncomfortable and terrifying thing I’ve done. Now, people get annoyed because I can’t shut up about it! It was the biggest blessing in disguise.

July 27th, 2016- Moving day! But more importantly- my birthday! Who decides to give themselves the gift of no friends and a strange country? I do, obviously. After my month long, six-country finale of living in Asia, the big move to Europe seamlessly lined up with my birthday. Perfect way to start my Kobe year!

In Seoul, you can check your bags at the train station and make an easier commute on an $8 train and forgo the $70 taxi. After a painful episode trying to check-in to my flight (you’d think the language barrier would’ve gotten easier after two years…) I was off! Or so I thought…

One of the airline workers came running after me to give me the fantastic news that my suitcase broke as they were loading it up. To be fair, I packed the shit out of the bag, but my train was leaving in 10 minutes and I had no idea what I was going to do. After fumbling ideas around and failing to find a luggage store, I checked my clothes in a garbage bag. A GARBAGE BAG! Yes, I was that person who was picked up from the airport by her new coworkers with her clothes in a garbage bag. Classy.

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Pic or it didn’t happen

After arriving in Germany, we took off on the 90 minute drive down to Kaiserslautern- my new home! I checked into my hotel and settled into my temporary lodging. Keep in mind, I had been living out of a suitcase for over a month at this point and was extremely anxious to have my own space again. Little did I know, the house hunt was going to be such an exhausting process.

After looking through dozens (literally, dozens) of houses, apartments, and townhomes, I finally found one that gave me “the feeling.” It is 100% not what I expected, but it is the cutest farmhouse in a quiet village less than 10 minutes from work. There is a barn connected to the back, providing my house with lots of spiders and ghosts- all the company I need!

Despite having moved in over a month ago, the unpacking process is still in the works. And by unpacking, I mean everything is out of the boxes and now just a mess on the floor…oops. It’s a delicate process, but I’m pretty sure my fish is pissed that I keep moving him around every other day as I try to figure out the aesthetics of this place. Sorry dude.

I know realistically my parents and maybe a few of my cousins will be the only ones reading this, BUT now I don’t have to tell the same story multiple times. Efficient AF.