15 Pictures That Will Inspire You To Visit Tangier, Morocco

IMG_7554View from the Hotel Continental



The tile work and mosaics inside the Hotel are incredible!


The markets are endless!  Stroll through the fish and meat market for a glance at the local hustle and bustle. If you do, make sure to roll up the cuffs on your pants- there’s about a centimeter of raw meat and fish “juice” covering the floor. I learned the hard way…

Stroll through the Medina, navigate through the dozens of alleys, and take a walk by the beach. There is so much culture and history to see!

One of the cleanest beaches I’ve ever been to!

View from our room at the Kenzi Solazur Hotel. Despite this beautiful view, I wouldn’t recommend this hotel. You can read my review why on TripAdvisor here.

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